About Us

We take underutilized, second-hand commercial mining equipment and upcycle it into consumer friendly at-home plug-and-play miners.

Hands Free Bitcoin was founded by Adam Simecka, with the support of his wife, Katie in November of 2017. While building and managing his personal mining equipment, Adam was surprised at how complicated it was to set up and maintain. People interested in cryptocurrency mining would often ask him for guidance, and he figured there had to be a better way – there wasn’t.

Since a consumer-friendly product didn’t exist, Adam wanted to develop his own so that everyone could be involved in mining. Before Hands Free Bitcoin, mining was limited only to those with a specialized technical background and very large budgets.

It was important to Adam to deliver a product that is as easy to use as possible.

“Bitcoin mining should be like any technology we use as consumers. You shouldn’t need to know how it works to enjoy the benefits. Most of us haven’t the slightest clue how our smart phones actually work, but someone cared enough to design a product that was stupid simple to use.” – Adam Simecka

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