Bit Kit – Plug and Play Bitcoin Miner

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  • The Bit Kit connects to the internet and automatically validates transactions on the Bitcoin network. You get paid in bitcoin for keeping the network safe and secure.
  • Easy to set up – Comes with everything you need to start mining bitcoin. Just plug it into your home power and internet and turn it on.
  • Easy to use – Requires no special knowledge to operate. This machine will passively add bitcoin to your account every day.
  • Easy to save – Watch your bitcoin wallet grow and enjoy the benefits of earning real bitcoin.
  • Easy to spend – Our mobile-friendly platform allows you to send or spend your bitcoin effortlessly.

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Avg. Daily Reward : 0.00000870

This is the current average amount of bitcoin being produced in a 24-hour period by this product. This value represents REAL data. It is a cumulative average for each of our customers over the previous seven days, and already accounts for all fees. Although this value may help you determine what may be expected, it is not a guarantee or promise that you will have the same experience.
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The Hands Free Bitcoin Bit Kit is a bitcoin miner that includes all of the hardware and software you need to start mining your own bitcoin. Setup simply requires that you connect the power and internet cables, position the power switch to “on”, and connect it to your online account. That’s it… really!

This product includes all of the components that allow you to seamlessly operate and install the pre-assembled Bit Kit in a matter of seconds. Power and Internet cables are included. Requires power and a stable internet connection of at least 1Mbps. At 110 V – 120 V, please allow for a minimum circuit rating of 15A per Bit Kit. If you are operating more than 1 Bit Kit, you may need to have them on separate circuits to avoid tripping the breaker.

Once you receive your Bit Kit you will register an account at You will, then, follow the directions on your Start-Up Guide to add your Bit Kit to your account via the built-in QR code reader. After the Bit Kit is added to your account our software and hardware mines the bitcoin straight into your account. You can withdraw or send bitcoin at any time. You earn 93% of the bitcoin contributed by your hashing power. Hands Free Bitcoin retains 7% for fees and operational costs. This ensures the best experience and ongoing support for our customers. Due to changes in network hashrate, network difficulty, and individual’s hashrates, the amount of bitcoin mined may fluctuate. This product has an average hash rate of 18 TH/s (+ /- 5%). Hands Free Bitcoin is not responsible for any costs associated with mining bitcoin, such as: electricity, internet, shipping, storage, heating/cooling, sound containment, ventilation, or any other costs that the user may incur. Bitcoin miners (Bit Kits) generate heat and sound.

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Additional information

Weight 37 lbs
Dimensions 23 × 12 × 22 in
Power Consumption

1500 watts

Power Input

110V-240V, North American Type B Plug

Hash Rate

18 TH/s

5 reviews for Bit Kit – Plug and Play Bitcoin Miner

  1. strandedbitcoin

    I absolutely love this thing — it’s quiet, it has run for over 2 years without a single issue — it’s the perfect space heater for a garage or basement and it just accumulates KYC free bitcoin while keeping my HVAC heating turned off during winter. Price is a little steep but it’s as plug-n-play as anything available for those who are not willing to spend anytime learning how to configure asics or join a pool etc this is ideal.
    Plus design is sleek and beautiful a great conversation piece — as a space heater it has earned me over 4million sats so current value of what my space heater has earned is like $1100 but I have no doubt it will pay for itself in the next couple years when bitcoin price passes $100k.

    Thanks to the HandsFreeBitcoin team for being so awesome.


    • Adam Simecka (store manager)

      Thanks for the review. I’m so thrilled to hear all of this. Happy mining!

  2. buildbridges

    this machine is simply beautiful and on top of that, it runs like a champ. the only thing that can top all of that, is the customer service is absolutely smashing! i have received prompt and reliable assistance to dial in any issues i was having, which were minimal to begin with, and for the most part, were completely on my end. i have never received such excellent service for any product i have bought to date than i have from the handsfree bitcoin team. i was looking for something i can just plug and play because i’m not the most techy person, and this is truly it. i would recommend this product to friends, family, and strangers.

    Image #1 from buildbridges
  3. Andre Louis-Ferdinand (Beneficiary: Maren Louis-Ferdinand) (verified owner)

    First off, this machine is VERY easy to setup and use so if you are REMOTELY worried about your Bitcoin knowledge, please don’t be. This machine is a great and will start earning from day one! However, don’t be a dork, you are not going to get rich overnight, lol. This machine will cost you in electricity so if you are counting pennies, this likely isn’t your setup. You’ll break even in a couple of years and start earning pure profit shortly after that. It will probably eat $25-35 a month in electricity and makes $25-45 a month in coin. The best reason to buy this is the small family business that built it and manages your Bitcoin account. My unit had a slight issue with the internet and Adam, the CEO, texted with me and talked me through troubleshooting. He stands behind his products; he sent me a replacement same day! If you are looking to get into Bitcoin or are interested; buy this (go with the big 16 if you can). Also, if you have free power like me (epic solar system) this is a very FUN no brainer! Especially if you are a parent and want a fun techy “project” to do with the kids that will make $$$. My 5 year old was telling her teacher all about cryptocurrency and our “garage-mine” Lol. Before I forget, be sure to put it in your garage or basement (it’s a bit noisy). Another thought, I t’s a fantastic idea for a gift! I’m going to buy them for my kids’ birthday gifts this year and make their own account. If I plug it in, it will help them save for a nice car/college/house downpayment/etc. when they are 18!

    Image #1 from Andre Louis-Ferdinand (Beneficiary: Maren Louis-Ferdinand)
  4. Andre Louis-Ferdinand (Beneficiary: Maren Louis-Ferdinand) (verified owner)

    Review for Bit Kit – Plug and Play Bitcoin Miner
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    Image #1 from Andre Louis-Ferdinand (Beneficiary: Maren Louis-Ferdinand)
  5. Robert Hodsdon (verified owner)

    I like this because its easy and gets me into learning and mining Bitcoin. Con is the Fees 7% is a bit high and it is loud so if you buy this make sure you have a place for it in the garage or other quite place. I can say it mines faster then other “out of the box” miners on the market now. As for the Energy consumption you just have to be smart if its costing you $30 extra a month this will only pull about that much bit coin; but think of this as an investment in the future. You are litteraly Printing your own money, sure you could invest $1,400 in bit coin and it could crash or go up, but this machine is actually turning out pur bitcoin.

    For someonething that you can pull out of the box and plug in, and make money I would recommend. Tech support is on point even over the Holidays the Answer quickly . You wont make a $1,000 overnight but you can start builing

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