Our Team

Our Founders

Adam Simecka - President

Adam graduated from the University of Phoenix with a Bachelor’s of Science in Business with an emphasis on marketing, and from the Community College of the Air Force with an Associate of Science in Fire Science. His technical background includes working as a consultant with consumer and commercial electronics in the security industry.

Katie Simecka - Director of Marketing

Katie Graduated from Pittsburg State University with a Master’s in Technology Education and from Baker University with a Bachelor’s of Science in Mathematics and Secondary Education. Her technical experience includes founding and maintaining a successful lifestyle brand and media outlet. Katie’s experience as a promoter helps her manage SMM, SEO, web development, and business development within the company.

Austin Simecka - Vice President, Business Development

Austin graduated from The University of Kansas with a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and a minor in Business. His technical experience includes driving strategic B2B partnerships, managing customer accounts, talent sourcing, and project management. His background in IT and systems maintenance align with his corporate responsibilities for leading the business into the consumer-driven bitcoin mining market.