Managing Your Bit Kits

You can now manage your Bit Kits easier than ever!

We have added a hash rate and status monitoring tool to give you more information for your miners.

Hash Rate 24h

This is the 24-hour average hash rate produced by your machine at the given time. Your 24-hour hash rate should give you a good indication of how your miner is performing. Keep in mind, this number will fluctuate. Any disruptions in power or internet could cause your hash rate to be affected.


The “State” of your bit kit is just a status of whether or not it is connected and running properly. Under normal circumstances your state should say “OK”. If your Bit Kit is not communicating with the network, it will say “off”.

The information displayed may take up to 15 minutes to communicate with the network. If you don’t see an update immediately, wait 15 minutes and then refresh the page.

2 thoughts on “Managing Your Bit Kits

  1. Michael Dewey says:

    couple questions:

    1) I plugged in the unit a few hours ago, but still not showing up on dashboard. I will keep waiting to see if it comes on line.
    2) Is one Gigabit Ethernet port enough?
    3) What is the ECO in off button next to the power switch do? It is currently off
    4) How do I make this wi-Fi?

    • Adam Simecka says:

      I’m sorry you are having some difficulty.

      I checked your account, and the unit we sent you has not been online yet.

      Everything on your account appears to be set up properly. So, I would start with making sure the internet is working. These do not have built-in Wi-Fi, but any adapter can be used (like the one we suggested in our email to you) if you need to connect to it wirelessly.

      For further support, please reach out directly to us at for the best experience.

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