New Feature – Average Daily Bitcoin Reward

Our product page now shows the average daily bitcoin reward for the past 7 days. It is a great example of how the product has performed over the past week, and it may help new customers better understand the performance of the miner. This figure continually updates automatically every day.

“How much bitcoin can I mine?”

This is our most asked question. People want to know how much their miner can produce – and rightfully so. In the past, we have had to answer by telling them we couldn’t predict how much you could earn. Or we would default back to the hash rate. And for the customers that simply wouldn’t take that for an answer, we would just have to give them our ‘best guess’ based on unreliable math.

It Does Not Predict the Future

This tool won’t guarantee what you will make tomorrow. But it does give a highly accurate window into the past, which can help give customers a better idea of what might be expected. In mining, there are no guarantees, but this is as close as we can get.

How it Works

For the average customer, nothing really needs to be done. It is simply a readout of the average reward our customers are receiving on a daily basis for each Bit Kit. Just go to the product page and see the number. If you are curious to know how that figure converts to USD, just copy and paste it into your favorite search engine for a fast and easy conversion. You can also hover over, or tap on the green arrow to see more details.

How We Calculate the Algorithm

The math behind the calculation is simple. We take the total reward and divide that by the total hash rate of our network (Hands Free Bitcoin customers only). That gives us a value of bitcoin per hash rate or ₿ /Hash. That figure is, then multiplied by the hash rate of the product (14, for example). Once we have that figure, finally, we multiply by 0.93 to account for the 7% fee on our platform. The final figure produced is then averaged across 7 consecutive days to provide a meaningful number.

Our team put a lot of work into pulling this data and thoroughly testing it. We had to make sure the data was accurate and relevant. We hope you find this tool useful. Let us know in the comments below what you think.

Happy mining!

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