How to Spend Your Hands Free Bitcoin Balance Anywhere That Accepts Visa

Have you ever wondered where you can spend bitcoin, or even how to spend it? Here is one way to use your hard-earned (or effortlessly-mined) bitcoin with the Cash Card by Cash App.

Before You Begin

In order to follow the steps in the video, you will need to first have a Bit Kit. You will need to have it running until you have mined enough bitcoin to spend on what you are wanting to buy. Once you have your miner running for a little while and want to turn it into cash, you will want to also download the Cash App and order your Cash Card through the app. You will want to get it on order early, as it may take a while for it to be sent to you in the mail.

Cash App and Cash Card

The Cash Card is just a physical Visa spending card that is managed through the app called “Cash App”. The app is owned by Square – the same company that brought us the mobile card readers years ago. Square hasn’t just dipped their feet into Bitcoin, they dove in head-first.

In the video, I show how to use the Cash App to deposit funds from your Hands Free Bitcoin account that you can ultimately spend as USD anywhere that will accept a Visa card.

Spending Your Bitcoin

This is just one method of many when it comes to spending bitcoin. This also works if you are simply wanting to withdraw the cash from an ATM; although, that will incur a fee.

Whether you want to turn it into your native currency, spend it with someone that accepts bitcoin as-is, or HODL til moon, we support you.

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